Here will go through how I chose to solve Assignment 3 from Intro to Programming in Java as taught at MIT. All course related documents and files are linked below.

In this assignment we are tasked with sorting an array and displaying a specific result.

A group of MIT friends decide to run the Boston Marathon. Their names and times (in minutes) are below: Name

Time (minutes)

































Find the fastest runner. Print the name and his/her time (in minutes).Optional: Find the second fastest runner. Print the name and his/her time (in minutes).

Write a method that takes as input an array of integers and returns the index corresponding to the person with the lowest time. Run this method on the array of times. Print out the name and time corresponding to the returned index.

Write a second method to find the second-best runner. The second method should use the first method to determine the best runner, and then loop through all values to find the second-best (second lowest) time.


I decided to solve the problem a bit differently.  Using the result of the first method doesn’t really help in finding the second runner.  You are basically doing what the first method does again with just one less possibility.

Instead I chose to write a method that sorts both arrays into order from fastest to slowest time.  Then displaying first and second place is as simple as printing the first and second positions in the arrays.

Screenshot 2015-09-08 23.12.17

The main method contains the original lists, the method calls to sort the lists, and the command to display them.  The real meat of the program is in the two list ordering methods.

Our first sort method sorts the array of the times.

Screenshot 2015-09-08 23.15.15

We feed the method the two arrays we are supplied by the assignment.  We then bubble sort them and output the resulting ordered list of race times.

The second method takes the same input but instead returns the ordered list of racers.

Screenshot 2015-09-08 23.18.33

That’s it for Assignment 3.  I’d appreciate any feedback or perhaps a more elegant solution.

Resource Links

MIT Course Homepage
Original Assignment
My Solution



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