Inevitability. When the first light bulb turned on the day of the candle was done.


I’m not saying if you are a taxi cab driver or parking garage owner you should give up immediately, you’ve definitely got time.  But time, as they say, is not on your side.  Follow me…

The car pulls up to the restaurant.  You and you’re family get out.  As the last of the little ones steps onto the sidewalk you say, “Okay Google, take the car home.”  The car slowly drives away and out of sight.  You sit down to dinner and order you food.  Meanwhile your car is driving back to your driveway where it will wait patiently until needed.  Everyone is done eating and you are about ready to call for the bill.  You get out your smart phone, “Okay Google, come pick us up.”  The check arrives and you pay for your meal.  A glance at Google Now lets you know your car is about 5 min away based on current traffic conditions.  At 2 minutes before arrival you get a push notification.  Time to go.  Back on the sidewalk the car pulls up right on time.  Your family gets in, “Okay Google, let’s go home.”

The world we just described will be here and it will be here soon.  Don’t believe me?

There will be a period of time where the law and technology struggle but eventually these cars will be on the road.  The first early adopters will begin getting them with a few years.  Chances are within the next decade you will be driv… riding in a self-driving car.

Imagine what you could do with that kind of added time.  You could watch movies/tv in the car.  You could pop a desk and get some work done.  Play a game.  If its a long drive you could pack food and have a meal with your family.  Who’s to say all the seats need to face the same direction?  Why not have a table?

Think of what this will do to prevent drunk driving accidents?  People could even drink while riding home.

Will there be complications, dangers, and accidents… sure.  But common, who do you trust more to drive you home?  The average person or Google’s engineers.

But back to the point Mr. Taxi driver.  Your days are numbered.  For your own sake start applying for other jobs.

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