Planning for Gun Confiscation

by Mike Zentz on January 12, 2013

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The recent shootings and subsequent exploitative political and media propaganda regarding gun control have had a predictable effect on gun sales. They’ve shot up, no pun intended.

If you are opposed to gun control (which you should be) then you have a few options, but you need to look at things honestly: The US Regime is eventually going to disarm you.

Are you going to resist having your guns taken away from you with force? You have every right to of course, but its important to consider what will happen. In order to keep your gun if the regime decides to take it you will have to shoot state police and military. Most people will consider you a criminal, outlaw and a terrorist. You will ultimately be imprisoned, injured or killed. You won’t be with standing in battle lines with thousands of other gun-toting “patriots” either. You will be most likely alone or with your family as overwhelming force shoots you down like a dog. The state will have no remorse in killing you and will happily condemn you for resisting. Most people will cheer your death.

If you are not going to resist by force then why buy more guns? Especially through proper “legal” channels. Then they just know you have it. It would make much more sense to sell your existing guns, along with everything else you can and save up to move to another country. Most countries don’t allow guns, but who cares? We aren’t concerned with what states deem legal only with what they can enforce. If you would like to leave talk Jeff Berwick and the other anarchists at The Dollar Vigilante, he can help you out.

If you are not going to resist and you are not going to leave… why don’t you sell your guns now while prices are good? Who knows if the government will compensate you at all when they steal your weapons. And also why bother complaining or putting on displays of false bravado? If you know they are going to take your weapons and your plan is to do exactly nothing about it then why not do something more productive with your time? Like learning about agorism.

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