Planning for Gun Confiscation

by Mike Zentz on January 12, 2013

The recent shootings and subsequent exploitative political and media propaganda regarding gun control have had a predictable effect on gun sales. They’ve shot up, no pun intended.

If you are opposed to gun control (which you should be) then you have a few options, but you need to look at things honestly: The US Regime is eventually going to disarm you.

Are you going to resist having your guns taken away from you with force? You have every right to of course, but its important to consider what will happen. In order to keep your gun if the regime decides to take it you will have to shoot state police and military. Most people will consider you a criminal, outlaw and a terrorist. You will ultimately be imprisoned, injured or killed. You won’t be with standing in battle lines with thousands of other gun-toting “patriots” either. You will be most likely alone or with your family as overwhelming force shoots you down like a dog. The state will have no remorse in killing you and will happily condemn you for resisting. Most people will cheer your death.

If you are not going to resist by force then why buy more guns? Especially through proper “legal” channels. Then they just know you have it. It would make much more sense to sell your existing guns, along with everything else you can and save up to move to another country. Most countries don’t allow guns, but who cares? We aren’t concerned with what states deem legal only with what they can enforce. If you would like to leave talk Jeff Berwick and the other anarchists at The Dollar Vigilante, he can help you out.

If you are not going to resist and you are not going to leave… why don’t you sell your guns now while prices are good? Who knows if the government will compensate you at all when they steal your weapons. And also why bother complaining or putting on displays of false bravado? If you know they are going to take your weapons and your plan is to do exactly nothing about it then why not do something more productive with your time? Like learning about agorism.

  • Bill Sanders

    good thinking…

  • SpiderMonkey

    I am rather concerend about the “Borg-like Resitance is Futile” Meme that is being pushed here. I ardently disagree with your assessment. While your scenario would have worked out well in the 1990s, I do believe the tides have shifted and thankfully so.

    First regarding facts and philosophy, gun owners are not on the run intellectually and philosophically as they were in the 1990s. The internet has given them the ability to dispell anti-gun rhetoric within hours and sometimes minutes of utterance. The anti-gun crowd does not enjoy dominance over the flow of information like in years past. Additionally, gun owners and the population in general do not have the required faith in the government that is needed to push such activities as fire arm confiscation and registration. With the sour economy, many are ready and willing to actively and passively resist. Gunowners and their supporters do not see themselves as the bad guys for all these mass shootings and refuse to be scapegoated this time.

    Second regarding enforcement, your statements assume that both the military and the police (both Federal, State, and Local) will participate in these actions. To rid American of guns requires our consent and hundreds of thousands of enforcers. Who is going to pay for and train these people. It would take years to do the job and ensure that it was done correctly. Should even 1% of the 100+ million gun owners resist, we would have one hell of a guerrila war.

    This further assumes that states like Texas, Alabama, Wyoming, Montana, Utah or Idaho would even stay in the union if these laws were passed. Many have rightfully hypothosized that certain sections of the nation would leave. Since the conditions on the ground are much different that 1861, it is doubtful that the pro-union side could make any state, much less a half dozen or more stay within the political bounds of the union. The advantages to leaving the union are actually greater than staying, a state could leave behind reckless spending, over bearing regulation, high taxes and mountains of debt.

    Third regarding financing total gun control, we are broke as a nation and most of our manufacturing is not what it once was. To get war materials we must go outside the USA. At the first hint of trouble, US Treasury bonds will drop. No one will loan the USA government money if they think that they will not get paid back. Additionally, black markets will spring up that will siphon revenue from already empty coffers. All wars, foreign and domestic cost money, the Feds do not have the money to fight.

    And finally regarding tactics, the resistance to total gun control will be a 4th Generation fight with some open warfare. The agents that will be doing the criminal bidding of the Feds do not live in protected zones, they do not work in protected zone, the are in and among the people that they would disarm and oppress. I am surprised that more people do not see this. They are very “touchable” and most will chose life in another career over what could in store for them otherwise.

    As well, people on the 2nd Amendment side will organize to resist, like soccer Moms, they will have a phone tree and a plan to defend the members of their group. The first house might be an easy hit but the others will be more difficult. Just like the Battle of Concord in 1775, getting to the objective was easy for British Forces, however the colonists made the road home a tough one. At one point the Bristish column was prepared to surrender, but there was no one to surrender to, no supreme leader of the Minutemen and Militia.

    I hope that my comments have been helpful, as a former service member, I do not see things as dire, just concerning. As they say, “it is serious but not hopeless”. Thank you for your time, thank you for your article. Semper Fi!

    • Mike

      I don’t really think there would be a sweeping total gun ban on the whole country, but rather city by city and state by state until it is de-facto a gun free nation. I also don’t think they will actively search for gun-owners but rather being caught with one or being reported on by your peers will have high penalties, probably no-nock raids and of course they won’t be for sale on the legal market.

      I have far more confidence in the state’s ability to be merciless and tyrannical than I do in the citizen’s will to resist it, especially considering historical examples. I agree not all police and military will betray their oaths but I do think most will, they need to pay their bills.

      Technologies like 3d printing will soon make actually controlling guns impossible but that won’t help the guy who is caught with one.

      I hope there will be strong resistance, its long overdue, but I don’t expect it to happen. As an anarchist and husband (hopefully someday a father) I am not interested in fighting states. I’d rather leave them, but should the day come that I am cornered with no alternative…

      There are some more great articles on this at TDV if you would like to read some more:

      Adam Kokesh (a fellow ex-Marine) has done a few episodes on this as well.

      Cheers SpiderMonkey and thank you for your comments,

  • Tracyzentz

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