Thoughts on the OUYA

by Mike Zentz on July 12, 2013

Received my OUYA in the mail a few days ago and now that I’ve had some time to play with it here is the review.

First off for those who know nothing about the OUYA… OUYA started as a project on Kickstarter with the intent of making a $100 gaming console that any individual or group could program games for. In addition all games or apps for the system must have some free to try feature. So there you have it, now lets begin.

The OUYA is tiny. Then entire system can easily fit into a cereal bowl. I really like the design, basically just a small cube with all the ports on one side, the OUYA logo on the other, and a power button on top.

The system comes with one controller. More are of course available for purchase, but if you want you can just use your PS3 controllers easily enough. There have been some negative reviews of the controller running around the internet. Personally I really like it. Some of the problems I have run into are more about the games not letting me modify my controller settings, but the hardware works fine. That said the PS3 controller is a better controller.

Currently there are over 200 games available for the OUYA. Most of those games are ports of games from other platforms, but there are a few exclusives. Perhaps what I like most about the OUYA is having all of my emulators easily accessible in one place and playable in my living room with minimal setup. My wife and I have been taking turns playing Ocarina of Time and are having a blast.

For those who like to watch streaming media from their console the simplest route to get your Netflix on is through the Plex app in the OUYA store. Its free and works with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, Youtube and many others.

Recommendation: This is a perfect system for retro gamers, families or people who want something similar to a Roku. It makes a great gift and friends of mine with upcoming birthdays (spoiler alert) should be expecting one.

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